Home-Based Disability Care

Disabilities are mental or physical conditions that limit an individual's movements, senses or activities. In the past, people with disabilities were not only stigmatized in society but also sidelined in the government agenda. However, today the rights and needs of the disabled are a critical component in the world development agenda. Disability care is a critical and dynamic discussion as new approaches towards caring for the disabled are developed every day. Disability care is concerned with the relationship between a disabled person and their family, community, social services and the government.

If you happen to have a disabled family member or friend, the following are a few tips on how to take care of them.

Understand their disability 

Healthcare professionals are the best people to help you comprehend the kind of disability a person is suffering from. From them, you will learn about the unique needs of the person regarding their health, diet, mobility and communication. The doctor or nurse will also advise whether your loved one will require a specialist to take care of their needs or family care is adequate.

Arrange for medical care

Some disabilities require that the person takes medicines, therapy or even surgery. Be keen to follow the doctor's instructions. It is also worthwhile to visit the insurance company to know if all medical bills are covered.

Develop a support system

Ultimately, you cannot be the only caregiver. For disability care to be effective, roles and responsibilities have to be shared.

Keep the disabled person's body and mind active

If improperly addressed, disability could lead to stress and even depression. It is important to keep your loved one occupied and give them adequate attention.

Encourage independence on the part of the disabled person

When possible let the person handle tasks on their own without your assistance. Such action is empowering and might help heal disability-related trauma.

Take care of yourself

Do not let yourself get drowned in taking care of your loved one until you forget your needs. You need time on your own to do the things you like. This way, you are in a better position to take care of your loved one.

Disability care at home ensures that the social, emotional, physical and medical needs of a disabled person are met. It should involve both family members and medical professionals with knowledge on the disability. As you take care of a disabled person, it is important not to neglect oneself.

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